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I’m a Creative Strategist with a love of pattern recognition - studying the trends and cultural shifts at micro and macro levels. I’m fascinated by human behavior and the diverse subcultures. I have a background in marketing, branding, event planning, trend forecasting, business strategy and creative direction.

I work with women business owners to do business their way, a new way. Leading with their intuition and gut to make business moves that may run counter to the ‘way things should be done’.

I love guiding the idea process for new things.

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pattern recognition | trend forecasting | futurism | branding | marketing | content strategy | creative direction + strategy | business strategy + guidance | idea generation

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Strategy Sessions

Strategy calls where I guide and help you tweak their business or idea or project with the energy of conversation and collaboration. An ultimate sounding board.

My advice might run counter to the status quo. And I’ll often encourage you to go with your intuition and gut. I might also challenge you to see a different perspective or reframe what you’re seeing. All in the quest for growth, excellence, and new, possibly innovative, ways of doing things.

What is included for First Time Clients:

  • A three month container with weekly meetings with strategy session every other week via Zoom and phone call check in’s for expansive, flowing conversation via phone.

  • 6 total strategy session and 6 total expansive phone calls

  • For each strategy session, you decide the overall goal of the three month period and what we focus on each month and session. We can talk about what is going on in your business; problems you’re having, new ideas you have, what’s working, etc.

  • An audio recording on each session.

  • Often I might have ideas, resources, and more that come to mind once the session is over. I will send these additional notes to you.


$500 per month | $1500 total

“This is one of the most welcoming relationships I’ve encountered in the business world, to date. She entered my life and the life of my business during a critical strategic and development time. An incredible thought provoking sounding board, voice of reason and calm; which was much needed for an entrepreneur like myself. Amie was monumental in focusing my inspirations, key to the successful growth of my business. Amie remains a close friend, confidant and fellow inspiration seeker. Truth is, Amie is an inspiration, herself.”

Ashley Powell, Talent and Brand Manager

"something lovely"

Briana Wyatt

“Amie is truly brilliant and amazing! She helped me so much in the beginning stages of my career and I would recommend her to anyone. She has a heart of gold and a creative soul that will help anyone shine bright!”

Erin Fader, Jewelry Designer


inconsistent, possibly random, notes and updates on offers, musings and future insights.

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